About us


Help Society Nepal was founded in 2007 by burns survivor Miss Radha Laxmi Shrestha to support other survivors and bring to public awareness an issue that is currently ignored in Nepali society.

On March 30th 2006 Radha and her mother…………..were involved in a kitchen accident in which a gas explosion left her mother dead and Radha with third degree burns all over her body. However, with the love and support from European friends and family members Radha survived and was able to re-build her life. During her treatment in the 39 days she spent in hospital, she realized that she was not alone in her agony and that many other people in society are facing similar problems. She considers herself lucky to have had so much support from loved ones but realizes that many other survivors have nobody to help them and have to suffer alone. By the time Radha returned home she was determined to respond to the needs of other survivors and consequently founded this organization in 2007.

Objectives and activities:

To provide immediate physical and psychological care:
Counseling in hospital is provided to help burns survivors, who may be in a state of shock, and often have no support from family members, to come to terms with what has happened and help alleviate feelings of trauma. Family and friends visiting a woman in hospital will frequently keep a physical distance from her, due to superstition that they will be contaminated if they touch her. This is obviously very distressing and isolating for the woman. It is important that on hospital visits we sit close to her, to challenge this type of stigmatization and to provide the women with the love they are often denied by their families. Physical assistance with washing, eating, dressing etc is also provided depending on the severity of the burns.

To offer financial support:
Financial help with costly hospital fees is provided.

To provide food and accommodation:
Immediate economic assistance is offered on leaving hospital. HSN owns a building with free accommodation for women and their children who have been rejected by their families. Rooms and a kitchen with safe cooking equipment are available to both burns survivors and other women in financial need.

To empower women:
HSN runs self help groups which aim to: create a safe space where women can talk about their experiences and emotions; form a social network; deconstruct negative social stereotypes; increase self esteem etc…All of which are important in enabling women to live with confidence within society. We also organize excursions to places of interest so that the girls get the opportunity to go out and enjoy themselves. Social visibility is an important aspect of empowerment.

To provide training in income generating activities:
Women are offered training in a range of activities to provide them with the necessary skills to find work and be financially independent. Current classes include: English lessons, beauty parlor training, computer classes, sewing/tailoring and crafts. HSN has its own product line in Christmas decorations, snack food and cloth purses. The profit made provides a fair wage to the women that make the products, and provides further financial assistance to the women whose injuries prevent them from working.

To offer educational support for children in need:
HSN also offers orphans and children from poor family’s financial assistance with education providing them with opportunities later on in life. Many families cannot afford to send their children to school which forces them into child labor or child marriage, which makes them vulnerable to homelessness, prostitution, sex trafficking and other forms of physical and sexual abuse.

To create social awareness:
HSN aims to create public awareness of burns issues and to tackle the ignorance and superstition that surround them. HSN is fighting to eradicate the discrimination burns survivors and women as a whole suffer, and aims to give women the confidence to live dignified lives in a gender violence free society.

To maintain the economic independence of the organization:
In order to avoid compromising its objectives HSN chooses to be financially independent from other organizations. It is funded by donations and is staffed by volunteers ensuring that every penny goes directly into the organization and is not lost on wages and bureaucracy.