2nd report of HSN

All donations kindly made to HSN, no matter how small, have been extremely valuable and we have been able to put every penny to good use. Below is an account of the progress you have helped us to make in last eight month (May 09 to end of Dec 09)

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In the past eight months we have provided accommodation to two women who were in need of help after serious burns accidents.

A . G (22 years old) from India has also been living in our hostel since her accident. We have been providing her with English classes. Now she had finished her basic level course and she will soon be starting a computer course. Providing by us HSN.

Bini Maharjan (22 year old) from Hetauda has been living with us for one month after her operation. we had paid her 2 times operation charge in hospital. She had accident before 9 years ago and this is her third opratation.while her opratation time she was staying with us because her home is far from ktm. Now she is back to her family. When ever she needs our help we will be supporting her.


As we had wrote you on our last report about to support education( Monthly fee, admission fee, stationary,and school dress) for 4 years girl.Now from 2009 April we are supporting on her education. She is from poor family.She live in one small village call Tokha. Her name is Diya Shrestha.

Nara Maya (48 years old)from Jhapa had accident while she have been cooking with open fair and she was fell down near by fair, she had burn her both hand and her right knee. She came one month after to Kathmandu when we saw her that her knee was green and also fingers of left hand because of no treatment. We bring her to hospital for treatment .Now she is fine and she went back to her village after treatment.

In this 8 month we had provide food for some burn peoples at Hostpital.When they are at hospital they got free treatment from hospital side and they need some one who is supporting them for food. HSN is supporting them for food.

Food support by HSN:

1, Mina Sharma; 24 years old burn women who have 2 sons. She had accident with kerosene stove while cooking time. We had brought her to hospital and their she got free treathment. HSN is supporting her for food (her and her take care person) for 2 weeks and some medicine while she was at hospital.


2, Laxmi Thapaliya; 15 years old girl from Dhading had accident with hot oil .She got all treatment free from hospital and HSN is supporting her food ( her and her take care person) for 29 days. She is really nice girl and her family is also supporting her on good way. After her treatment she went back to village and she told us that she is happy to go back to home after long time from hospital. She need to come back to hospital after some time for her treatment as other people she is also from poor family when ever she comes back to hospital she will contact us.because she need us and our support from different ways.she also told us that she will continue her study in school.

3, Krishna Pokharal is from Jhapa was burn by hot milk. He is also from Poor family he got treatment free from Hospital. He needs to have support for food. He has 2 children. He doesn’t have any job. His wife is taking care of him all the time at hospital. HSN is supporting him and his wife food for 48 days while they are hospital for treatment after their treatment they went back to their village but after some month they need to come for follow up and may be he need to have other operation.He will also contact us for support.

4, Anu Kumari Shrestha 12 years girl form Sindhupalchwok was snake biter. She is from poor family she got all treatment free from Hospital she also need food support while she is staying at hospital. So HSN is providing her and her take care person food for 27days.Now she is fine and ok she when back to home with happy face.

5, Manoj Pattel is 9 year boy from Rautahat he needs to do operation for his lip (cleft lip)
He also got all treatment free from hospital he need food support while they are staying at hospital. So HSN is providing them food for 17 days.

While people are staying at hospital HSN is supporting them for food . HSN try to provide them good food at one small Nepali restaurant. We are always providing food for patient and patients take care person.

HSN provide at hospital food:

Morning time; A cup of tea
Dal Bhat (Nepali Lunch)

Day time; A cup of tea
Evening time; Dal Bhat (Nepali Dinner)

Once a week meet with Dal Bhat

For 2pax cost per day around 350 rs it means 3.5 Euro (Exchange rate 100)

We also distribute clothes to children in hospital from poor families in need.

Our primary incentive is to support women who have had burns accidents but because of our philosophy of compassion for all those subjected to suffering due to social inequality and discrimination, we extend our help to all those we can. By offering financial help training and education we are providing these women and children opportunity to escape poverty and a build a better future for themselves.

HSN also has its own product line in Christmas decorations and cloth purses made by the women who have had burns accidents. Selling these items provides them with the means to earn a fair wage, and a percentage of the profit also provides financial assistance to the women whose injuries prevent them from being physically capable of working.

All money donated, no matter how small has been extremely useful in enabling a better quality of life for the people mentioned above. HSN is a small volunteer run organization and every penny donated goes directly to those who need it with no money being lost in bureaucracy, wages or overheads. We are a relatively new organization. We are small and our resources are limited, but with time and effort we will grow and help to improve the lives of many more people to come and to raise awareness of the currently ignored issues about burns accidents, poverty and gender related violence that unfortunately still exist in Nepali society. We are working for human rights equality and empowerment, to fight discrimination and bring about social change.
If you would like to purchase any of these items, make a further donation or collaborate with us in any way you can, we would greatly appreciate your support.

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Kind regards,
Help Society Nepal

Radha Laxmi Shrestha