1st report of HSN

All donations kindly made to HSN, no matter how small, have been extremely valuable and we have been able to put every penny to good use. Below is an account of the progress you have helped us to make in the last year:

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In the past 12 months we have provided accommodation to three women who were in need of help after serious burns accidents. P L. (28 years old) was in a critical physical state after her accident. Whilst in hospital she was falling in and out of consciousness every 5 minutes over a long period of time and was in need of constant medical attention. Coming from a poor family, however, who have neither time nor money, meant that the type of care she needed was not available to her. HSN offered to care for her, providing her with a room in our hostel and the necessary physical and psychological support that she was in need of. In September, her family took her back. We have provided them with financial assistance and she has happily settled back into her normal family life in Darjeeling.

We have also provided S L (22 years old) with accommodation and paid for her to attend a beauty parlor training course which she is currently doing. We have offered her assistance with opening a small beauty parlor when she finishes the course which will give her the means to be financially independent. We are also pleased to announce that she has found a suitable partner who she recently married. The wedding was on the 14 February and since then she has left the hostel so that they may live together in his home.

A G (22 years old) from India has also been living in our hostel since her accident. We have been providing her with English classes and she will soon be starting a computer course.

From this month we are also supporting the education of Ambika Sawat (14 years). After her accident, whilst in hospital her parents contacted us to ask for help and a place in our hostel due to their inability to support her. After offering to cover the expenses of her future treatment as well as pay for her education and school uniform they accepted her back home. She starts school this month.

From this month we will be supporting a 4 year old girl from a very poor family by paying for her education.

We also distribute clothes to children in hospital from poor families in need.

Our primary incentive is to support women who have had burns accidents but because of our philosophy of compassion for all those subjected to suffering due to social inequality and discrimination, we extend our help to all those we can. By offering financial help training and education we are providing these women and children opportunity to escape poverty and a build a better future for themselves.

HSN also has its own product line in christmas decorations and cloth purses made by the women who have had burns accidents. Selling these items provides them with the means to earn a fair wage, and a percentage of the profit also provides financial assistance to the women whose injuries prevent them from being physically capable of working.

All money donated, no matter how small has been extremely useful in enabling a better quality of life for the people mentioned above. HSN is a small volunteer run organization and every penny donated goes directly to those who need it with no money being lost in bureaucracy, wages or overheads. We are a relatively new organization. We are small and our resources are limited, but with time and effort we will grow and help to improve the lives of many more people to come and to raise awareness of the currently ignored issues about burns accidents, poverty and gender related violence that unfortunately still exist in Nepali society. We are working for human rights equality and empowerment, to fight discrimination and bring about social change.

If you would like to purchase any of these items, make a further donation or collaborate with us in any way you can, we would greatly appreciate your support.

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Kind regards,
Help Society Nepal

Radha Laxmi Shrestha