How you can help?

If you are interested in participating in our initiative to support Nepalese society and burns survivors you can:

Sponsor a child or burns patient.

Provide a one-off or a regular financial contribution to support children’s education, health expenses, accommodation, clothing etc

Support burns survivors and single women by organizing or providing financial support for training in income generating activities.

Provide volunteer support

Purchase the products made by burns survivors to provide them with a means to earn a fair wage and be financially independent.

All contributions, no matter how small are extremely useful and greatly appreciated. HSN is a small volunteer run organization and every penny donated goes directly to those who need it with no money being lost in bureaucracy, wages or overheads. We are a relatively new organization. We are small and our resources are limited, but with time and effort we will grow and help to improve the lives of many more people to come and to raise awareness of the currently ignored issues about burns accidents, poverty and gender related violence that unfortunately still exist in Nepali society. We are working for human rights equality and empowerment, to fight discrimination and bring about social change.

If you would like to purchase any of our items, or collaborate with us in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

Help Society Nepal – Account Number in Nepal

Account Name ; Help Society Nepal
Branch code ; 016
Account no; 1649200
Swift code; NIBL NP KT
Thamel ,Kathmandu ,Nepal


Funds for Help Society Nepal can be sent to our partner organization in German BONO-Direkthilfe e.V. And in Switzerland Chance Swiss which will forward the donations to our account in Nepal. The bank details of BONO-Direkthilfe e.V. and Chance Swiss are as follows:

BONO-Direkthilfe e.V.
Kreissparkasse Köln
BLZ: 37050299
Kontonummer: 373002353
Verwendungszweck: Help Society Nepal

Chance Swiss, 3604 Thun
Amtserparniskasse Thun, 3601 Thun
PC-Nr.: 30-38118-3
BC-Nr.: 8704
Konto Nr.: 16100735900
IBAN: CH11 0870 4016 1007 3590 0
Verwendungszweck: Help Society Nepal

Thanks a lot for supporting your,
Radha Laxmi Shrestha for Help Society Nepal